Better late than never

Nelson Teixeira, Angola DAY 28, NEW YORK CITY New York, Day 28. I waited more than 27 years to see the Statue of Liberty... Most of us were excited for getting to know the Big Apple. This day started at 8 or maybe 9 a.m. As always we were divided in two groups. All the... Continue Reading →

Washington DC by Sam

10th Jule, 2019 Today was an outstanding introduction to America’s national capital. After our most-welcome hotel breakfast, the group headed out onto the streets of Washington to confront the city’s rising heat and humidity (the latter being quite different from the high-altitude dry heat of Utah). Having successfully navigated the rush-hour DC metro system, our... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in WestWorld! by Fatima Muhammad

Last summer holiday, I was watching the HBO series ‘WestWorld’ about a futuristic theme park where rich human beings get the chance to experience their vision of West while interacting with robots. This summer, I cannot believe how fortunate I am to spend an overwhelming weekend in the real West, without the need to oppress... Continue Reading →

A peaceful day in Salt Lake City

July 5th, 2019 After yesterday's adventures full of beautiful landscapes and ambitious rodeo shows dedicated to honor American Independence day, we had a peaceful day filled with interesting topics and lecturers. Our first lecture was delivered by David Stanley, who informed us about the history of their homegrown sport - rodeo, which comes from the... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Amherst

July 2nd 2019 The 2nd of July is our last day in Amherst. I will miss you, the heart of New England! And what about today's events? We had the presentations of our lesson plans. Rita showed us the American mass incarceration. Sam told us about populism and democracy. Nelson offered to teach civil rights... Continue Reading →

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